Hello, I’m Erin Fenstermacher.

I love to raise the vibration of women who have been in abusive or traumatic situations so that they can be full of vitality, comfortable in their bodies, attract the right kind of people, and find purpose for their lives.  Long-term effects of trauma can include chronic illnesses, sleep issues, hormonal problems, weight gain and binge-eating issues, digestive problems, and mood dysregulation. I also love to help my clients overcome the paralyzing perfectionism that is forced upon them by our culture, and help them to live up to their full potential in health, relationships, and career. 


My Story

 I am currently a recovering physician, and I practiced Internal Medicine, Integrative Medicine, and Obesity Medicine for 10 years. I decided to escape medicine as I realized that it is very poor at managing problems that have a basis in the mind-body connection, and I wanted to find other ways to heal the brokenness in others. It is my experience that often western medicine does not address the effects of trauma on our bodies and that Big Pharma is often the only tool used in our healthcare system.  I have a very large tool box and believe in using mind-body therapies, addressing spirituality, healing relationships with others and the self, and relying on integrative modalities to address the root causes.  I have special training in nutrition from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition as well as herbal and natural remedies from the University of Arizona Integrative Medicine program, and I am a strong believer in the bodies’ natural ability to heal without prescription medication. I am trained in HeartMath technologies, which use Biofeedback to calm ailments rooted in the mind-body connection. I also use my experience working in New Zealand as well as my non-profit helping the native Amazonians in Peru to shape wellness programs based on the healing power of plants and other cultures.  I love to help my coaching clients achieve long-lasting lifestyle changes to help manage their weight, achieve inner-peace, stop self-sabotage, strengthen connections with others, and develop more self-respect. I believe in really listening to my clients to get at the heart of the issue, and in being their biggest support and cheerleader.  I have a strong focus on wellness rather than external measures such as the weight on the scale, although I am trained in Obesity Medicine. I also help my clients overcome their limiting beliefs and provide them with energy work exercises to clear out any trauma that may be affecting them. I am a student of energy at the 9 Gates Mystery School, and I will often use energetic healing techniques to clear energetic blocks that may be stopping my clients from achieving their goals. I am also a survivor of domestic violence, an abusive medical culture, my own mother’s suicide, a lot of bad diets, and have learned how to manage my own post-traumatic stress disorder with energy work and alternative methods of healing. I love the challenge to design highly-engaging, evidence-based,  and motivating courses and groups for my clients.   I also have a special interest in creating corporate wellness programs to help employers avoid absenteeism, presenteeism, and increase a sense of wellbeing for employees.  I enjoy cooking, teaching others about nutrition, hiking, skiing, playing the piano, traveling, learning new things, and caring for my family.  Other people describe me as incredibly approachable, so go ahead and send me a message with your concerns. 


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